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BS EN 61439 - why is it so important?

BS EN 61439 describes the responsibility for the design verification and routine verification, including product liability. All low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies must adhere to the new standards set out in BS EN 61439. It has been implemented to meet the requirements of users and manufacturers for vital safety and reliability reference points.

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No BS EN 61439 compliance? Are you prepared to risk this?

If your panel builder is not accredited by a certified body for BS EN 61439, can you take the risk that their products meet all the criteria?

Do your assemblies come under the remit of BS EN 61439? Are you responsible for the original engineering design and the associated verification? Do you have the relevant accreditation? Is your panel builder BS EN 61439 accredited?

You need to be able to answer all these questions. We can help. Ask us how.

Sandford Electrical manufactures control panels with Forms of separation ranging from Form 1 to Form 4 (types 1-7). For more details and specifications of these form types please see our accompanying guide.

Photograph of Perforex Cad Machine

'Perforex' CAD Machine Centre

Precision layouts are possible with our newly acquired maching centre. 'Being one of the first companies in the country to acquire the Perforex machine demonstrates our commitment and investment towards a fully automated panel manufacturing environment.

For for more information, consultation and workshops on BS EN 61439 please contact Sandford Electrical.


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