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Electrical Control Panel Build for Dummies

June 19th 2024

Ever wondered what it takes to build a masterpiece of an electrical control panel that is also safe and reliable? Well, you will require the following:

  • Experienced and Qualified People
  • Efficient Business Operations
  • Advanced Design Software
  • Automated Production Equipment
  • Be complained with safety Standards and Regulations

Panel building success comes when you understand the entire process and execute each step efficiently whilst understanding the exact customer’s requirements as a core of the process. We have divided the process into main 6 sections:

    This is all about understanding exactly what you were asked to do; you need to make sure that your client’s needs and requirements are fully incorporated and thought throughout – getting this wrong means everything else will also go wrong …
    You then need to start producing physical layout drawings as well as schematic drawings, taking into consideration the type of components and enclosure you are going to use. Include a full list of parts including manufacturer and part number used in your drawings; this will help you with the next step…
    Use the parts list from the drawings to order the components.  You will then be able to schedule production and draft production programme.
    Your panel is now complete. You must now test the panel for any errors prior to delivery to the client and provide relevant test certification.
    Panel building is not a rocket science; when all the above work has been done properly you have the highest probability of building panels efficiently with the fewest errors. Although any problems ie. delivery delays, or design changes must be reported and documented onto the drawings.
    Arrange delivery of the panel; consider placing the panels on pallets or using forklift. Make sure the panels are securely and carefully packed preventing from any damage. Do not forget to include delivery note.