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Sandford production has yet again become more efficient!

July 22nd 2024

Sandford’s main focus is to provide quality products, on time and on budget. Hence investing in automation solutions is at the top on our list. Today, automation has become a critical factor indicating whether a company will remain competitive within the manufacturing industry.

Shifting to automation in our manufacturing process creates many benefits for both, us as a company and you, as a customer; it will help us achieve high levels of productivity and efficiency, whilst you will take advantage of reduced manufacturing lead time and reduced labour cost. It is a win-win scenario.

The new addition to our workshop facility, Metzner Triathlon 3000, “cuts cables to the correct length, strips the wires at the precise positions and crimps the cable end terminals. Not only in the cutting and preparation of the cables but also in the subsequent wiring of the control cabinets, it saves valuable time and costs: Because all the cables are printed and pre-sorted into their component groups, the cabinet wiring can be carried out considerably faster than previously. In addition, the number of wiring faults is reduced to virtually zero”.  

Coming from engineering backgrounds, we are always super excited to put the theory into practise, so we run a quick test –using the machine to cut, crimp and number 10x cables takes roughly 5min, that is 4 times quicker in comparison to doing this manually which originally takes one of our wiring engineer just under 20min, proving that the above are not just empty promises…