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Solutions to provide your building with the greatest energy-efficiency

Quality BEMS are essential to the control and monitoring of a building's heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, security measures and lighting systems. Sandford Electrical BEMS can ensure energy-efficient and thus cost-efficient interiors that will stay that way for years.

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A Sandford BEMS will add credibility (and saleability) to your build.

Sandford Electrical BEMS can lower business energy costs. We can also make monitoring and adjusting an entire building's energy needs and electrical controls easy. That’s good news for the occupants of the building you are building. Sandford Electrical BEMS can be applied to both residential and commercial situations. Our premium BEMS technology is renowned for its quality and long-term reliability.

Sandford Electrical BEMS installation involves and provides -

  • Full-System and Building Audit (survey of plant, lighting and HVAC)
  • Energy Analysis to target areas of excessive energy consumption
  • Implement a bespoke Building Management System (maintenance, retrofit or installation of new system)
  • Advice on CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment) Energy Efficiency Scheme
  • Monitoring energy usage and prevention of hitting Maximum Demand
  • Heat-recovery systems
  • ‘Trend Systems Integrator’ Accreditation

Trend Systems Integrator

‘Trend Systems Integrator’ Accreditation

Trend are the UK’s leading manufacturer of HVAC Building Management Systems.

Being an accredited Trend Systems Integrator and approved Danfoss HVAC drives partner, Sandford sustainability approach give you all the control you need to manage increasingly scarce resources, practically and cost effectively.

Sandford manufacture systems which include instrumentation and control geared to clients individual requirements. Working to standards by different industry sectors and governing bodies as required. With a growing reputation, built on a determination to provide customers with excellence from inception to commissioning and beyond, Sandford is the natural choice for new systems or when updating existing installations.


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